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We listen. We strategize. We create.
We hustle.
You get results.

You’re busy running your business. As entrepreneurs, we get that. Let us do what we do best, so that you can focus on what you do best.
Whether you need strategy consulting or media design we partner with you to get it done.

You are...

a local shop or a nationally recognized brand

You need...

an end-to-end solution or a la carte services

We can help.

Before we start any project, we get clarity on your situation so our solutions are right for you.

Our Services




We listen to your story to understand what it takes to succeed

Strategy Development

We interpret our assessment into a strategy that will achieve your goals


We develop an approach to execution that is aligned with your strategy



Visual Design

Digital and print designs to stand out and captivate your audience

Web & Interactive

Web and interactive media design to engage your audience

Stills & Motion

Photography and videography to evoke an emotional response

Insights & Evolution

Monitor results and gain insights to evolve your process

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Marketing Strategy: Solutions uniquely tailored to you.

Would you buy nails and lumber to build a house, before having a blueprint? Neither would we. At Clear Media, we think before we act. We assess, strategize, and plan.

We understand that marketing is a cornerstone of a successful business strategy. It should enable you to generate value and achieve your goals. We work with clients to ensure that marketing strategy and planning activities are aligned with organizational goals.


Before we start, we get to know you.

Before we embark on the strategy, planning, or design process, we look at all of the forces that affect your organization and make sense of them. Through an objective lens, our team will understand the who, what, where, when, and why that is at the core of your success.


Get your blueprint in place.

Now that we understand the who, what, where, when and why, we figure out “the how.” We work with you to build an effective strategy that will reinforce your company’s vision, mission and goals. Your strategy is the blueprint that will guide you on your journey.


The offspring of strategy and implementation.

We are realistic. We know resources like time and money are scarce. We also know design. Our action plans are designed to be feasible and suitable for your organization. Let us help you be efficient and maximize your marketing ROI.

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Roll-up the sleeves. It’s time to act.

We aim to delight and surprise. Our creative team bring your plans to life with compelling stories and effortless user experiences.

Whether you need visual design, web & interactive solutions, photo & videography, or anything else, we can help.

We understand the interdependency between each component of your marketing campaign and what it takes to captivate, engage and maintain your customer.

Visual Design

Digital and print design to captivate your audience.

We are barraged by messages via images and ads 24/7. Let our designs help your message cut through the noise. Rest assured, our design team are scholars of the trade.

Web & interactive

Effortless user experiences that engage.

Websites have only a few seconds to attract, engage and impact your viewer. We can do it in a millisecond. Whether it’s a website or mobile app, we aim to turn visits in to conversions.

Stills & Motion

A picture says a thousand words? We agree.

Wield photography and videography to evoke an emotional response in your audience. Our professional stills and motion team could be the dose of oxygen your marketing campaign is looking for.

Insights & Evolution

Monitor, Evolve, take it to the next level.

You know, as well as we do, that making the right decision requires wisdom and the ability to adapt. So when projects end, we don’t stop there. We like to analyze results for insights to make your next stride even greater. Tap into your community and following for insights to understand what does and does not work to better position yourself for future success.

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